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PHOTOBOOK _ 2021 #94 Bohnchang KOO's light shadow

최종 수정일: 2021년 6월 4일

Photobook Club Seoul presents #94 Bohnchang KOO's light shadow.

KOO invites us to look at these vessels with the kind of intensity we rarely bring to the contemplation of an object, even to the most rare and precious item in a museum. It’s a lesson in seeing that goes beyond the visual and stirs the imagination. We feel the porcelain has an inner radiance we equate with a spirit or a soul. It’s partly an instinctive response to the whiteness of these photographs, partly our heartfelt desire, as viewers , that we might gain something valuable and ineffable from those objects upon which we lavish our attention. In every masterpiece there is an implicit morality that speaks to us like Rilke’s Archaic Torso of Apollo, that told the poet: “You must change your life”. KOO’s vessels do not insist in such authoritative tones but like the mystics, they allow us to feel that with purity of heart the world can be endured and transcended.

- John McDonald, Art critic for the Sydney Morning Herald and film critic for the Australian Financial Review

The book was published with the exhibition LIGHT SHADOW.


Title: light shadow

Year: 2020

Artist: 구본창 | Bohnchang KOO

Publisher: Sojeong PARK, Director, Korean Cultural Centre Australia

Designer: 김성윤 | Sungyoon KIM

Printing: 문성인쇄 | Munsung Printing



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