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PHOTOBOOK_2017 #19 구성수의 Photogenic Drawings | Sung Soo KOO's Photogenic Drawings

최종 수정일: 2020년 8월 12일

Photobook Club Seoul presents #19 구성수의 Photogenic Drawings | Sung Soo KOO's Photogenic Drawings.

This book was published in conjunction with the ILWOO* photography prize 2010.

Sung Soo Koo is known for magical Reality, a series of candy-colored scenes of plush interiors and pseudo-American kitsch from his home country. In his new series, Photogenic Drawings, he returns to Asian tradition with delicate images of flowers. The plants are artfully arranged and flattened. Some are cast in plaster and painted in meticulous detail before being photographed. The pristine images that result from this process, despite appearing perfectly natural at first glance, were subject to the strictest control, becoming entirely artificial.

*The ILWOO foundation has been supported artists, various art and cultural events since 2009.


Title: Sung Soo Koo: Photogenic Drawings

Year: 2012

Artist: 구성수 | Sung Soo KOO

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag

Graphic design and typesetting: Anja Lutz // Book Design

Printing and binding: DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH



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