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PHOTOBOOK_2019 #35 박종우의 비무장지대 | Jongwoo PARK's DMZ

Photobook Club Seoul presents #35 박종우의 비무장지대 | Jongwoo PARK's DMZ.

Jongwoo Park has won the 18th DongGang International Photography Award in 2019.

박종우 작가는  2019 제18회 동강국제사진제 동강사진상 수상자로 선정되었다.

Steidl Book Award Asia

In the spring of 2016 the exhibition “1001 Steidl Books’ was held at DECK in Singapore, an independent platform for art and photography. On the occasion of the exhibition artists from across Asia were invited to submit book dummies for the Steidl Book Award Asia. A single award was planned, but from many books Gerhard Steidl finally chose eight. This book was included one for eight.


Title: 비무장지대 | DMZ

Year: 2018

Artist: 박종우 | Jongwoo PARK

Publisher: 슈타이들 | Steidl

Designer: Theseus Chan, Gerhard Steidl and Duncan Whyte

Printing: Steidl, Göttingen



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