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PHOTOBOOK_2020 #67 신정현의 기약오차다항식 | Jeong-hyeon SHIN’s irreducible quintics

Photobook Club Seoul presents #67 신정현의 기약오차다항식 | Jeong-hyeon SHIN’s irreducible quintics.

뉴욕은, 그 동안 내가 알고 있던 미국이 아니었다. 아니, 미국이 아니었다. 단지 미국이라는 나라에 있을뿐… 각자 원하는 것을 얻기 위해 전 세계에서 몰려 드는곳? ‘A stadium of desires’라고 누군가가 말했던 것 같다.

NEW YORK CITY was not like the other parts of the United States I knew til then. No, it’s not a part of the United States. It is just located on U.S territory. It’s simply a place where people converge only for obtaining what he wants from all around the world. It is vaguely recalled, someone described, as ‘a stadium of desires’.

Life is a supermartingale.*


*수학에 관한 농담, ‘인생은 시간이 갈수록, 기대가 작아진다.’는 뜻

It means, ‘as time advances, expectaion decreases in life’


Title: 기약오차다항식 | irreducible quintics

Year: 2020

Artist: 신정현 | Jeong-hyeon SHIN

Publisher: 안목 | anmoc press

Designer: 신정현, 박태희 | Jeong-hyeon SHIN, Tae-hee PARK

Printing: 상지사피앤비



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