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PHOTOBOOK_2021 #89 천경우의 Photographs, Video performances | Kyungwoo CHUN's Photographs, Video perform

Photobook Club Seoul presents #89 천경우의 Photographs, Video performances | Kyungwoo CHUN 's Photographs, Video performances

CHUN’s works are actually far cry from any nostalgic immersion in the early days of photography,

however, and can instead be read as photographic reflections on the extent to which what is invisible can be rendered visible. This is what prompted CHUN to begin increasing his exposure times from just a few minutes at first to an hour or two, some sequences finally lasting for several days. Furthermore, by concerning himself with portraiture to the exclusion of all other motifs, CHUN has deliberately confined himself to a subject that is as classic as it is timeless, as immediate as it is universal. It is an approach that could be described as traditional, although consistent would be the more accurate term. For what is most striking about these works is the way in which they have been pared down to their essential and stripped of all things superfluous. CHUN’s work is a project that clearly, rigorously, and resolutely scrutinizes each image for its potential as an epitome, and in doing so it probes the space between camera, beholder, and the person beheld.

- Stephan Berg


Title: Photographs, Video performances

Year: 2020

Artist: 천경우 | Kyungwoo CHUN

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag

Designer: Stiftung DKM, Duisburg

Printing: Dr. Cantz’sche Druckerei



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