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PHOTOBOOK_2023 #115 이한구의 군용 軍用 | Hankoo LEE’s Military Use

Photobook Club Seoul represents #115 이한구의 군용 軍用 Military Use | Hankoo LEE’s Military Use

최전방에 가고 싶었다. 어차피 가야하는 군대라면. 최전방에 가서 사진을 찍고 싶었다. 잠잘 때도 카메라를 머리맡에 두고 자던 스무 살 무렵이었다. 최전방에 가서 사진을 찍는다 생각하면, 자원한 종군기자처럼 입대가 설레었다. 1989년, 원하는 대로 최전방 15사단 부대에 입대했다. 찍고 싶은 것을 찾는 데는 오랜 시간이 걸리지 않았다. 처음엔 크고 극적인 것들을 찍게 되리라 여겼는데. 수첩에 그것을 ‘빨간 풍선’이라고 적었다. 암호가 일상화된 때문이었을 것이다. 하지만 카메라는 손에 쉬이 쥐어지지 않았다. 초조하고 불안했다. 눈으로 찍었다. 찍고 싶은 장면 앞에서 한쪽 눈을 껌벅이는 버릇이 그때 붙었다. 밤이면 침상에 누워 천정에 눈을 감고 현상했다.... - 작업노트 중 이한구

I wanted to be placed on the front line. If I had to serve in the army, I wanted to go to the forefront and take pictures. I was 20 at the time and was so attached to my camera that I even slept with it by my bedside. My heart leaped like a war correspondent when I thought about going to the front line to take pictures after enlisting. In 1989, I joined the 15th division and took my spot on the front line, as I had wished. It didn't take long to find things that I wanted to shoot. At first, I'd thought I would be photographing some big and dramatic thing, and I marked it down in my notebook as a ‘Red Balloon’ - I think this was because using code had become routine in my day to day life. However, it was not easy to get hold of a camera. I became anxious and nervous. I took pictures with my eyes and got into the habit of winking when I encountered scenes that I wanted to photograph. I developed these imagined photos on the ceiling at night while lying with my eyes closed in bed…. - Artist Note, Lee Hankoo


Title: 군용, 軍用 Military Use

Year: 2021

Artist: 이한구 | Hankoo LEE

Publisher: 도서출판 류가헌 | RYGAHEON

Designer: 아네스박 | Agnes Park

Retouching & Separation: U-Hwa

Printing: 정길재, 박준보 | Giljae JUNG, Junbo PARK



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